Agriculture is the backbone of a nation. India is an agrarian nation. We have a rich tradition of agriculture and allied activities. The present generation are not aware about the importance of agriculture and they are not interested in doing agriculture and related activities.

Our foundation focuses on bringing the agricultural sector in progress. We are going to create an awareness among the students about the importance of agriculture in real life. The entire students will be provided a platform to engage in agriculture and allied activities. They will be doing an internship programme in agricultural fields and other related areas. The foundation will issue an Internship Certificate for the same which will support them in the future. The efforts they are taking in the agricultural activities will be rewarded with what they are producing in the agricultural lands.

Most of the farmers are trying to stop agricultural production due to high cost. Our Foundation focuses on supporting farmers by utilising their land in an optimal manner. Agricultural production will be done using students community and share of its profit are distributed among the farmers.