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Education is the most valuable asset that a person can acquire in their life. In the olden days, there was a system called 'GurukulaSambhradhayam," where a student was sent to the "Guru's' house. The Guru will teach him through his practical experience and mould his disciple in a good way. The student will adopt his "guru" as a role model and motivator in his life. Gradually, this system came to an end.

Now, technology has had a tremendous impact on the education system. The relationship between the teacher and the student became narrower. Most teachers share only syllabus-based academic knowledge with the students. But, in order to sustain in the current scenario, mere academic knowledge is not enough. The students are expecting more from the teachers. They are eager to know what is happening in the whole world and expect a technologically advanced person to teach them.

In this foundation, we are focusing on the overall growth and development of a student. We are focusing not only on education but also on wider aspects like agriculture, charity, sports, culture, entrepreneurship, employment, consulting, publications, research, collaboration, etc. We have a clear vision and mission. All the activities will be conducted in order to achieve it. Education, agriculture, and charity are the three main areas on which we are going to focus at the initial stage. Gradually, we will be looking forward to other areas too.

Let us Join Together...
Empowering the Students will Empower our Nation...
All is Well...

Founder & Managing Director

Dhanesh Kumar M

(Founder & Managing Director)

Personal Info


  • NET & SET
  • B.Ed (Tamilnadu Teachers Education University)
  • M.Phil (Bharathiar University)
  • M.Com (Calicut University)
  • B.Com (Calicut University)

  • Vision

    Empowering the students by providing them education, training, counselling, employment and thereby ensuring the overall growth and development of the student community.


  • Mission

    To evolve into a foundation that brings tremendous positive impact on the students and society as a whole through dynamic and challenging activities.


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